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How to contact JABULO ?

Send me an E-Mail!!

Telephone calls may not always be possible. Time-lag, bad reception or no reception at all (when more than 10 miles off-shore) make telephone unreliable, and will cost me a fortune in roaming fees. SMS is too short for a real exchange. The preferred way for contacting me is via e-mail, use the entry form on this page or send an e-mail to the address below. Mails will surely reach me sooner or later, when I am online again.


Another way to contact me is Skype, send me a message to accept you as Skype-partner and we can talk, exchange information and documents.


The contact information is:


Cell phone:     0049-160-9692 2928

Cell phone:     0044-741-8419 790 (WORLD-SIM)
Please call the English WORLD-SIM, roaming costs are much lower.


E-Mail :           up(at)

Skype:            uwe-auf-reisen


Heimatadresse des Eigners:

Uwe Petersen
Bremgartener Str. 20
79258 Hartheim am Rhein


Travel Enquiry

A place you always wanted to be!!

If after reading these pages you want to share my dream or a part of it, send me a message. If a particular journey or destination appeals to you and the propose schedule more or less fits your personal planning, send me your ideas and wishes (number of people, sailing experience, special things you want to do or places you want to see in the region). You may have noticed that the schedule allows for a lot of flexibility. Thus we can work out a best compromise between the JABULO overall journey plan, airports in reach, cost of flights, length of stay, school holidays, etc.. A flight in the middle of the week sometimes costs only half the price of a Friday flight. Open jaw flights can be cheaper than a round trip.


How long in advance can you book??

I will try to publish here a detailed travel plan for about a whole year ahead and to post up-dates in time. For one year dates and destinations should be fairly reliable.


Of course, you can send enquiries for any journeys further ahead, especially if you want to join for longer. Especially the long legs, starting autumn 2019, around the southern end of South America and into and over the Pacific and Indian ocean ask for some long term crew members, preferably with blue water sailing experience. There are not too many airports around anyway and flying down is costly and takes long.



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